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Candidate for Brighton Kemptown Constituency Brighton Queens Park  joe neilson



Hi. A little about me the main question I keep getting asked is (You are disabled and a pensioner why are you standing as a Member of Parliament?)


The answer is in parts.


Firstly the Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund has awarded me a grant to stand for public office.

With this money I can employ a P.A.

(I have had Fibromyalgia for 11 years it is a bad type of M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and Macular degeneration.) This has left me with word blindness and CFS  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome plus other problems) ) I have 1 to 4 hour days anyone with FMS CFS ME will understand what it means.


The idea of the fund is to help people who have a disability and with out extra help could not stand for public office. So in my case I will have a P.A. to help with paperwork and at times I need to use a wheelchair.  I say that for me Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the worse part of FMS this is where having a PA really helps.


Now the second part. Being disabled and a pensioner (on a state pension only) also I have a 60 years of life experience to call on.


Also we are in the age of the internet we can find out more that any other generation as to what is happing around us.  Using the internet I can contact more people and put my campaign out in the blue nowhere! I can answer more of your questions.


All Political Parties have done nothing but lie to us. I did vote for Tony Blair at the time like most people believed that we had a fresh clean man with high ideals and integrity. We all now that he was just another political parasite lining his pockets.


Martin Bell when he stood as an Independent MP to address corruption within the constituency he stood for. I believe that Independent MPs are the only way forward.


If I am elected I will work solely for the people of Brighton Kemptown Constituency.

During this election campaign please give me your support.

My Regards to all of you 

 Joe Neilson      





Retired Amazon Explorer Joe Neilson Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown

Joe Neilson has had a colourful life below is a small part of my C.V.





Born at St Anton’s 42 Cissbury Avenue Peacehaven Sussex in 5th September 1946

This old asbestos shack is still standing  

This came about when as a baby my grandmother would bounce me on her knee calling me GI JOE somehow JOE stuck but I was christened David Paddy Nicholas. But everybody stills called me Joe.


Joe Neilson attended Peacehaven infant’s school in Roderick ave at the age of   5 to 7 years. Then his life changed totally when my father a Ships Engineering Officer made the decision to retire for the sea and became a land-based engineer.


When the British Indian Steam navigation company offered him a job in Basra Iraq as the engineer in charge of the dockyard in Basra. It was usual practice for children to be sent to boarding school in the U.K.


But my mother insisted that I travel with them. As Joe says this was to lead to a childhood, which he was to see and do more things than most people do in a whole lifetime.

At the age of 7 we moved to Basra Iraq.

 Where I learnt passable Arabic or I think it was as our house guards where Afghan tribe’s men as my parents seemed to forever at cocktail parties these men used to be my baby sitters.

They where great giving me a real pistol to play with showing me how to load it plus they had Lee Enfield 303 rifles yet again showing me who it worked (now at this time I realise they would have been teaching their children of 7 years old how to become fighters)

 After 18 months my father was assigned to Bahrain. Before taking up this new position. We cruised the Persian Gulf we went ashore in Oman, which at that time was still a walled city at that time. Then no to Bombay and India.

In 1957 my father was appointed Booth Lines resident engineer in Iquitos Peru 2.500 miles (which took a month to get up river) up the Amazon, 

This was still largely unexplored at that time this was a turning point in my life.


We had a saying Jungle down the street this was true within a mile you could be in the forest. I did not a attend school and I was the only European child in town and there were only 2 cars in the town. At the age of 11 I had my first rifle a single shot bolt action .22 I spent my learning to canoe fish and hunt this town was still an outpost.

I loved every minute of it a boys own dream come true.  

We did have Indians coming out of the forest to trade.

 It had a bad side as well we had riots in the town which lead street fighting and police and army retreated to our house and it was like the wild west with guns being fired out of our windows. Later that night I saw my first person shot died by the chief of police just outside of our front door.

But the Amazon rain forest is one of most beautiful things on earth. But now being destroyed.


Teenage years what most teenagers do “chase girls and riding fast motorcycles.” Coffee Bars and Rock an Roll


I never had a great interest in sport but by a chance became involved in Fencing and became a medallist Fencer and was ask to Fence for Sussex.

But more interested in teaching in my teens gave fencing classes at Peacehaven Youth Club and other youth clubs in the area. Later teaching at evening classes at the Hillcrest in Newhaven.


But in my teens I was drawn back to the Amazon and South America


Besides having adventures in South America which to long to relate here.


But spent a very dangerous time in the Silver Triangle of Colombia and meeting some of the most feared drug lords in Medellin.


I a spent time with rebels in an unnamed country in South America.

I have lived with Amazonian Indians. Plus did solo expeditions in to unexplored areas of the Amazon.


 I did a solo canoeing of the Amazon after this I became a member of the Long River Canoeist Club


I was involved with members of the underground before the revolution in Portugal 1974.


Plus expeditions in to unexplored areas of the Rio Negro, the Rio Blanco, and the Tacharto.


The Mucaja, Australian Adventurer Harry Nash and I are believed to have been the first Europeans to climb the Sierra Grande in Roraima.


I was also an accredited adviser to the Royal Geographical Society as an adviser on the Amazon covering such areas equipment jungle survival etc.


I worked with the Royal Marines advising them on jungle survival.


I helped in planning of major expeditions to the Amazon basin. I advised many young People going to rain forests on Operation Raleigh 1980s.

I was at one time credited as one of this countries Crossbow experts I still a very keen Crossbowman.


I was one of the founding members of Brighton Housing trust.


Just after I returned for a backpacking trip in Australia (I was super fit for my age walking  15 + miles a day.)

On my return its was the 18 March 2013 my P.T.S.D. turned in to Fibromyalgia.

But I had no idea what was happing to me it took 2 years before I was told I had Fibromyalgia.



I have been an environmentalist for 40 plus years. I am a human-rights activist.


 Joe Neilson   



I have signed the following statement:

 ‘I confirm that in standing for election, my activities will uphold the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for different faiths and beliefs.’